Politely [adverb]

Definition of Politely:


Opposite/Antonyms of Politely:


Sentence/Example of Politely:

"Your committee," said Mr. Durant, politely ignoring the manner of the questioner.

"You'll find a car a great comfort, I'm sure," he said politely.

I don't like to say things like that, though I'm sure I always try to say them politely.

John politely asked Mrs. Bothwell to join them, but she declined.

Greeting me, however, cheerfully and politely, she at once entered into conversation.

I assented by a sign of the head, as slight as I could politely make it.

Yet he did exactly as the little man in the red cloak had so politely asked him.

Politely, 'Not at all, but perhaps if I were to do it for myself.'

Thereupon he politely apologised for his inability to answer them.

"Gloria Abercrombie," bowed Gloria politely, but her eyes danced.