Sports [noun]

Definition of Sports:

recreational activity; entertainment

Synonyms of Sports:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sports:

Sentence/Example of Sports:

Had you rather witness the sports of the gymnasia than the works of artists?

He joined in their sports, and was too much interested to take note of time.

It had been the most exciting, the most savage of all sports—a man hunt!

Edwin and Imogen had been united in the sports of earliest infancy.

Why, yes, there are plenty of ‘sports’—of a kind—in this place.

But the congregations were slow to listen, and the sports went on.

It was the day of the Wythburn sports, and this year it was being celebrated at Shoulthwaite.

The sports are over, but not yet is the day's pleasure done.

This led him close to the booth where the sports were proceeding.

Though she did not care to go to the sports to-day, she felt, oh!