Squaw [noun]

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No such forebodings disturb the Squaw Sachem and Wappacowet.

I returned to the Squaw River and spent the half of another year up there.

For an hour he rode and came to the junction of Mill Creek and the Squaw.

Bunny and Sue had, indeed, landed on an island in Squaw River.

I said I would go with her until we could see Squaw Creek, and then turn and run home.

Now look for the Pappoose on the Squaw's back, as in Tale 50.

Squaw is the English corruption of the word, and is used to signify a wife.

“Squaw—Utah gal,” replied the Mexican in his trapper patois.

Just as folks were beginning to forget it, comes the Squaw Creek raid.

The story will be that the Squaw Creek raiders and their friends did it.