Undestroyed [adjective]

Definition of Undestroyed:

in existence

Synonyms of Undestroyed:

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Sentence/Example of Undestroyed:

Some were moving away to look after their belongings in the undestroyed cars.

Man shall be free and master of all his deeds, undestroyed and unsubdued.

I am tempted to try to map out roughly what are to-day the unopened and undestroyed wild haunts of big game in North America.

These seem to be projections from undestroyed islands of mucous membrane, being surrounded by the ulcerated surface.

The minute polypi originate in a process of growth of the undestroyed mucous tissue.

After every care, he conceived there might still be undestroyed germs in the air inside the flasks.

Perhaps they could fly it to Sonor; or it could be left there undestroyed if he would open a certain control just before he left.

An unassuaged longing may serve to preserve youth as well as an undestroyed illusion; indeed, the two are one.

The qualities whose use gives value are not usually indestructible, but they are treated as undestroyed.

If moisture is retained, conditions permit of the growth of the undestroyed organisms.