Vehicles [noun]

Definition of Vehicles:

machine used for transportation

Synonyms of Vehicles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vehicles:



Sentence/Example of Vehicles:

Wherever he looked there were masses of people and vehicles and tall buildings.

There were many people on foot, and many people in vehicles of various kinds.

A little life then came back to him, and we took him away in one of the vehicles.

Other vehicles kept arriving, but there were so many wounded, so very many.

There was an indescribable block of vehicles, stretchers, and mattresses.

For if they do not win, they cannot return to Mars, as they will have destroyed their vehicles!

The use of coaches or other vehicles is prohibited, and the churches are never empty.

They were blocked by vehicles of all kinds, and their footways were crowded with vegetables.

The porters arranged them symmetrically, tier by tier, on the vehicles.

For the matter of that, all the vehicles in sight appeared to have four wheels.