Army [noun]

Definition of Army:

military force, usually for land

Synonyms of Army:

Opposite/Antonyms of Army:

Sentence/Example of Army:

In less than ten minutes, the bivouac was broken up, and our little army on the march.

If you have any thoughts of influencing me or my men to join the regular Confederate army, you may as well give up the idea.

Above all, he was amazed to hear me talk of a mercenary standing army in the midst of peace and among a free people.

Nogués and his brave lads have done their bit indeed for the glory of the Army of France.

He will tell you about the success he had in America; it quite makes up for the defeat of the British army in the Revolution.

Our army, under the command of General Houston, was in front of Harrisburg, to which place the congress had retreated.

Napoleon himself arrived at Wrzburg on October 2nd, and found his army concentrated, but deficient of supplies.

Off flew the shell, seven miles it flew; over the Turkish Army from one sea into another.

He joined the army at the outbreak of the revolution, and continued in it until it was disbanded.

Then they were to co-operate with an army moving up from Arkansas, and the State would be redeemed.