Consigning [verb]

Definition of Consigning:

entrust, hand over for care

Synonyms of Consigning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Consigning:

Sentence/Example of Consigning:

Many of the museum’s most prized holdings were consigned to storage.

It’s not the first time Nokia’s marketers have taken on more of the work usually consigned to agencies.

In an ideal world, his small business would run out of customers and be consigned to history.

However, given Google’s existence, that model will probably consign Neeva to permanent niche-player status.

Some of the more than 2,000 items will be consigned by The RealReal’s customers, but Gucci is supplying products as well.

I think just because you live alone does not mean that you’re consigned to a life of loneliness.

A gentleman does not call his opponents vipers and consign them to hell, but Jahveh is not under any such obligations.

You will not consign him to the spot to which the attorney-general invites you to surrender him.

This is the fate to which emancipation would consign the Negro.

In this way does a lazy world consign discussion to silence with the cynical closure.