Dactylic [adjective]

Definition of Dactylic:

with rhythm and beauty; related to poetic composition

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Sentence/Example of Dactylic:

This may occur when the accent is on the first syllable of a foot; that is, when the foot is trochaic or dactylic.

Without such dactylic movement, the vocal expression of a pathos so intense would be hardly possible to the human voice.

In dactylic hexameter how many of these feet are there in a line?

Yet it is only by mere accident that Homer dealt with gods, wars, mythical events and employed dactylic hexameter.

A great variety of verses is used in the epitaphs, but the dactylic hexameter and the elegiac are the favorites.

Dactylic verse would have a regular recurrence of an accented syllable followed by two unaccented syllables, etc.

In the dactylic form, as in the second trochaic series, ratios varying from unity in one direction only were employed.

Six observers took part in the work with trochaic forms, five in that with dactylic.

This proportion is broken in the relation of the primary interval to the unit group in the dactylic rhythm form.

But, in his expressed aversion for trochaic and dactylic measures, is he not merely recording his own inability to handle them?