Daubs [verb]

Definition of Daubs:

coat; make dirty

Synonyms of Daubs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Daubs:

Sentence/Example of Daubs:

Very little of the earlier buildings remained, as they all appear to have been built of wood and wattle-and-daub.

As for "wattle and daub" I could wish that it had never been invented.

A painter was made to paint a ring of blood around the neck and daub the clothes with red.

There are good prints provided cheap, to hang in the place of the ancient sampler or daub.

They daub one of these portions all over with charcoal, until it be perfectly black.

Beyond it there lay amid the trees the wattle-and-daub hut of a laborer, the door open, and the single room exposed to the view.

In the round hut, which was made with branches and wattle-and-daub, stick nests were united to the plaster work of rock martins.

The unmarried women of Chilpanzinco used to daub their faces with a pounded yellow flower.

All I have to do is daub a little phosphorus on the dummy and it will be in shape to do the ghost dance.

He would erect his stake and wattle tribal house, and daub it over with clay519 to keep out the weather.