Discomforted [verb]

Definition of Discomforted:

irritate; cause pain

Synonyms of Discomforted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Discomforted:

Sentence/Example of Discomforted:

The heat no longer discomforted them, as the sun had got low, and the atmosphere become as cool as they cared for.

A moment later the door banged behind the discomforted boarding party.

I could not tell what to think of it, so went and lay in my castle perplexed and discomforted.

Mr. Gradgrind was extremely discomforted by this unexpected question.

He was no longer enveloped by that mild and tragically inquiring stare that had so discomforted him.

A warm grasp of the hand from each was the only reply, and I turned once more to my discomforted friends the Guerillas.

I was still more discomforted by a half-repressed murmur of the audience, as my deficiency appeared evident.

To open a window in the parlor of a hotel, when others are by and may be discomforted, is a breach of politeness.

I was almost persuaded to drop the little torso quietly by the roadside—it discomforted me so.

An occasional night alarm also ordered by higher authorities discomforted everyone and did little good.