Downwards [adjective]

Definition of Downwards:


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Sentence/Example of Downwards:

His strong hands lay palm downwards on the arms of his chair, pressing them hard.

The unsupported pump-rods fell downwards, setting in upward motion the column of water in the plunger-pole pumps.

But “saloon” licences are a large source of revenue to the municipality, the cost being from $1,200 gold downwards per annum.

Dummy's cards are dealt face downwards, and the dealer declares without seeing them.

Sogrange ordered an immense dinner, but spent most of his time gazing downwards.

From the time of Dean Swift downwards, it has mostly suffered from being lamentably unfashionable.

She found lying there, face downwards, a portrait of Jane Holland, a photograph of the painting by Gisborne.

The coastguards had hoisted the one point downwards, indicating a gale from the south'ard.

Finally the octave downwards from Mes is completed by the addition of a note appropriately called Proslambanomenos.

This scale was extended downwards in the same way as the Greater System, and thus became a scale of three tetrachords and a tone.