Recurved [verb]

Definition of Recurved:

make curved; remove angles

Synonyms of Recurved:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recurved:

Sentence/Example of Recurved:

Crook: the hook or recurved tip of the antenna in Hesperidae.

Observe the slender, stiff beak, terminating in two recurved points.

The feelers are recurved at the tip, and thickened just before the extremity.

Lobes of the leaves acuminate, often recurved; fruit ripens early.

The sori have indusia, but this is hidden by the margin of the pinnules, which are recurved.

Fruit nut-like, 4-celled, deeply 4-lobed; stigmas 4, recurved.

On the other hand, short or recurved stamens are always associated with complete or nearly complete self-sterility.

In certain specimens the extremity is prolonged into a pointed, recurved tip, and sometimes is coiled in a spiral.

Even the leopard cannot follow it there—notwithstanding his recurved claws that enable him to climb like a cat.

The Anchylostomum is a red, cylindrical worm, with the anterior extremity tapering and recurved.