Shells [noun]

Definition of Shells:

structure; covering

Synonyms of Shells:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shells:

Sentence/Example of Shells:

Mr. Milbrey glanced at the two shells of the orange which the butler was then removing.

Season the mixture with salt and pepper and fill the shells with it.

There were great heaps of shells by the sea where we came and dried fish and feasted.

The shells from the French artillery on the Roman Road are crashing into the wood.

Gather them while the shells are very soft, and rub them all with a flannel.

If used as shells they should be baked empty, and filled when cool.

It was the hardest of all things to wait, while shells now and then struck among them.

It was like listening to a child babbling of its hoard of shells.

Whew, that beats finding pearls in the shells of mussels all hollow!

His cannon flared on the dark horizon and the shells crashed in Vicksburg.