Symbiosis [noun]

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Symbiotic: species that live together in a state of symbiosis.

What illustrations of symbiosis in human society occur to you?

The intracellular bacteria of the cockroach in relation to symbiosis.

Parasitism is unsatisfactory, when the Maker got us started on symbiosis.

Since then numerous other cases of symbiosis have been demonstrated.

The symbiosis between all life-forms on our planet is the result of that knowledge.

The continuation of the symbiosis is unbroken and guaranteed.

"Symbiosis is probably the best word for it," Dal had replied.

We all of us live in symbiosis with the bacteria in our digestive tracts, don't we?

They're bored through and through with animal runs, and two or three species of beasts live in a sort of symbiosis inside.