Deserting [verb]

Definition of Deserting:

abandon, defect

Opposite/Antonyms of Deserting:

Sentence/Example of Deserting:

In fact, they had told a lie—they were deserting, instead of going to visit their families, as they said.

Though the plan savored of deserting the helpless girls, yet was he strong-minded enough to adopt it.

I don't know whether we are lost, or, whether the prince has joined us, deserting the Jivros in the city you Zervs built.

All human consolations were one by one fast deserting us, and our sufferings still increased.

Jacky had rather mortified George by deserting him upon the first discovery of gold.

That was by deserting the old system of fighting in line, van to van, centre to centre, rear to rear.

The editor handed him back his story, more in sorrow than in anger, and spoke reprovingly about deserting one's principles.

I can forgive him for deserting me, but not for deceiving and destroying you.'

My quarrel with you, is for leaving the Park, and deserting us all, before a reconciliation could take place.

His acceptance displeased some of his former political associates, and he was accused of “deserting his party.”