Homespun [adjective]

Definition of Homespun:

spun from home

Synonyms of Homespun:

Opposite/Antonyms of Homespun:

Sentence/Example of Homespun:

In some corners of the nation, the scrounging has been even more homespun.

I would rather go to church with Dolly in homespun, than ride in a carriage beside that shrivelled piece of tanned leather.

There was no finery in her wardrobe, a few neat cotton gowns for summer wear, and homespun for the winter—that was all.

At this the door flew open and a skinny woman appeared, her homespun frock pendent with tow-headed urchins.

The last arrivals were two tall women in homespun dresses and calico sunbonnets.

That was why, instinctively, she had put on her old homespun with a vague purpose of reparation to them.

So she wore her crimson homespun and her bonnet, with her bronze-gold hair gathered under it in the same old Psyche knot.

They presented their homespun clothes to the poor, and imported more largely than ever.

He looked up and saw a man about his own age, dressed in butternut homespun, and riding a fine horse.

Hm—brown homespun suit—yes—that's a poor enough fit even for a penniless schoolmaster.