Individuation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Individuation:

The individuation of man appears to consist in the union of a rational soul with any convenient portion of fitly organized matter.

Which is because individuation beyond the normal can only be achieved by drawing upon the vital potential of offspring.

Its reversal of the principle of individuation, causing excessive cell formation, produces more decidedly demonstrable effects.

From this it appears evident, that this principle is intended to succeed that of individuation, and never to precede it.

That wherever the principle of grouping acted with effect, it had always been preceded by the principle of individuation.

The increasing necessity and demand for individuation is effecting that which Malthus desired.

Now this upward movement has been wholly by increasing individuation, not only of matter, but also of force.

A highly important and essential aspect of this greater individuation is a higher survival value.

That it should have its determining difference, or principle of individuation, to distinguish it from other things; 3.

The principle of individuation follows, of course, from this.