Inoffensiveness [noun]

Definition of Inoffensiveness:

harmlessness, naiveté

Opposite/Antonyms of Inoffensiveness:

Sentence/Example of Inoffensiveness:

To be assured of the inoffensiveness of the Play is no more than a Necessary Precaution.

Yet, in spite of their retiring inoffensiveness, a shadow seemed to brood over the ancient house.

I doubt if the plea of inoffensiveness would open the gates of Heaven to any one.

They come up to gallery requirements by their "pleasantness" or the inoffensiveness of their style.

Inoffensiveness is the most deadly of offences with savagery, whether the savagery be of white men or red.

Two of our company, Mr. Craven and Mr. St. Aubin, were really good actors; the rest were of a tolerably decent inoffensiveness.

To the last however, we for the most part retain the inoffensiveness described in the beginning of this Essay.

Mr. Pope tells me that I am dead, and that this obnoxiousness is the reward for my inoffensiveness in my former life.

You will return home with the same good order and inoffensiveness.

With some, inoffensiveness would seem a prime cause of offense.