Interactive [adjective]

Definition of Interactive:

shared, common

Opposite/Antonyms of Interactive:

Sentence/Example of Interactive:

It has partnered, and bought a stake in, Israeli video-production company Eko, which has developed things like interactive toy catalogs for Walmart.

A webpage can be interactive with JavaScript in ways that do not require a UI.

An interactive flood map produced by USGS shows most of the land surrounding the sports arena would be inundated if the sea rose just over four feet.

An interactive from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History offers close looks at ancient bones to show how early humans ate — and got eaten.

We have made those additions, but subsequent changes will be tracked only in our interactive.

If you’ve created a stunning and interactive desktop-friendly website but haven’t been prioritizing mobile-friendliness, you may be inadvertently damaging your rankings.

Videos are also increasingly interactive and help to demonstrate how your product or service works transparently.

Webinars, virtual events, online courses, and other similar interactive content, when put together well, offer great value for participants and therefore can be considered quality content by Google.

Webinars are live, usually interactive events that take place online.

We can conceive of few books more useful and interactive to the average boy than this.