Obviated [verb]

Definition of Obviated:

make unnecessary

Synonyms of Obviated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Obviated:

Sentence/Example of Obviated:

We have, perhaps, incurred the very hazard we hoped to obviate.

Will you allow me to arrange your shirt so as to obviate it?

She then, to obviate that objection, lent me a black domino.

But shall we, to obviate these evils, completely transpose their conditions?

I fear that result, and hope that you will try to obviate it.

To obviate this a screen has been placed on the landward side of the lantern.

The Professor, with a smile, thinks that he can obviate this unpleasantness.

Of these it is necessary that I should now take notice, and obviate them as well as I may.

This will obviate all danger of shock or shiver when the cold cloth is placed on the skin.

I must obviate here an objection that may strike some readers.