Plummeted [verb]

Definition of Plummeted:

fall hard and fast

Synonyms of Plummeted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plummeted:

Sentence/Example of Plummeted:

Even when the price had plummeted to a penny a pound the planters were not discouraged from planting.

The bottle fell like a stone, plummeted straight down and crashed into a million fragments on the floor of the satellite.

He ripped himself out of the harness and plummeted down the last ten feet, his body driving deep into the icy cold water.

Between the cars that plummeted 191 feet to the sea and the people drowned in the trains, the deaths were mounting.

White Bear heard an amazed murmur from the crowd, and he himself felt his heart drop as if he plummeted unaware into a deep pit.

He did know that the owl went suddenly limp and that they plummeted toward the swamp.

Like a falling stone he plummeted earthward, dropping in front of Sadu as the beast rose in its spring.

He plunged deep into icy water and struggled frantically as he plummeted into the depths.