Amok [adjective]

Definition of Amok:

broken; crazy

Synonyms of Amok:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amok:


Sentence/Example of Amok:

Many of the lawmakers I spoke to were reluctant to propose sweeping legislation that could run amok of civil liberties.

It’s not that they don’t fear AI running amok—it’s that they see it already happening, just not in the ways most people would expect.

Moreover, they do almost nothing to address the very real privacy and security risks of corporate data exploitation run amok.

Greenhouse gases have run amok and made it totally inhospitable—perhaps an extreme version of what Earth could look like in the very distant future.

The story was framed as an instance of lawless youth run amok – an almost unprovoked riot.

Briggs was taking no chances with another of the yellow dogs running amok.

A boy came up to us in great excitement to say that the prisoner had got hold of a bayonet and was running amok.

So he takes his knife an' runs amok to stab so many people as he can, an' he don't care a dam' if only he makes a big smash.

I saw one instance where a henpecked husband "ran amok" and killed or wounded seventeen people before he himself was killed.

All was confusion, all a kind of wild and orgiastic dream, culmination of heredity, of a spirit run amok.