Anteriorly [adverb]

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The team saw nerve cells, or neurons, firing in the anterior cingulate cortex, an area important in human empathy and part of the brain region responsible for memory and cognition.

Prothorax two-thirds wider than long, sides parallel in basal half, convergent anteriorly.

The belly is creamy white anteriorly and vermillion red posteriorly.

A cream-colored lateral stripe is on the third and fourth dorsal scale-rows anteriorly and the second and third rows posteriorly.

Nostrils placed dorsolaterally and directed anteriorly, situated about midway between tip of snout and eye.

Specimens from the three mentioned localities have the dark nuchal spot bordered anteriorly by a pale blotch.

Rudimentary Mllerian ducts, opening anteriorly into the body-cavity, which sometimes carry aborted Kopfnieren.

The medullary groove is far deeper than in the earlier stage, and widens out anteriorly.

It flattens out both anteriorly and posteriorly, and is deepest in the middle part of its course.

The two layers appear first of all anteriorly, and subsequently in the remaining parts of the body.