Assails [verb]

Definition of Assails:

attack, usually with words

Synonyms of Assails:

Opposite/Antonyms of Assails:

Sentence/Example of Assails:

She felt the temptation assail her, as of late it had been assailing her faintly, to explore this territory.

The bishop and his episcopals can not be hair-brained enough to seek to restore old conditions and assail our liberty.

They did not understand this manouvre, and supposed it to signify that the lieutenant did not deem it prudent to assail them.

Without waiting for them to assail him, the youth dashed forward like a panther at bay.

If he wheeled about to assail the buck he was without a single weapon, while the Sioux was doubly armed.

The partizans of abolition could assail the system at its foundation.

Have faith in the immortality of the soul, which no pain, no mortal disease, can assail or touch!'

It was a dangerous agitation; it had become popular; there was no telling where it would end, or what it might not assail.

The normal man, when the pangs of hunger assail him, eats his meal and straightway forgets all about the existence of his stomach.

Lying in word and deed is the one weapon with which he can assail the simplicity of man.