Comradely [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Comradely:

I have honestly tried my best to set the claims of Socialism before you in plain language and with comradely spirit.

The British dead can rest content and comradely beneath the monument of so gallant a foe.

Kate's was the bright smile of a comradely fellow creature who asked him to play a straight game.

And they hit him on the back with comradely blows—and maybe they did a little crying themselves.

The intruder, clutching at one of the show-cases for support, forced a comradely smile.

He had already decided not to be patronizing, but to take a bold, frank, comradely course with the lad.

She seemed to take on new height with it, and her eyes laughed with a comradely tenderness near akin to tears.

But when he paid the promised visit to Phœbe he was again disappointed by her lack of the old comradely friendliness.

He and Jimmy talked in a comradely spirit, while Mrs. Clarke seemed to listen like one who has things to learn.

In a minute her footsteps came toward the door and with comradely smiles we stepped forward.