Concerns [noun]

Definition of Concerns:

business, responsibility

Synonyms of Concerns:

Opposite/Antonyms of Concerns:

Sentence/Example of Concerns:

A letter from Fajardo to the king (December 10, 1621) concerns various matters of administration and business.

The greatest contribution which modern naturalists have made to knowledge concerns the origin of organic species.

This, however, concerns them more than it does the American Government, which is ready to pay for value received.

Humanism concerns itself solely with Man, so that Man is its first and last care.

Christianity concerns itself with the relations of Man to God, as well as with the relations between man and man.

"I am afraid that it concerns all of us," the count was saying in a dangerously insinuating voice.

It creeps into every detail; it infects the minutest affairs of life as well as the greatest concerns.

Great noblemen show their respect for their prince; this concerns them, as they have also their dependants.

"That 'if' concerns you," he now declared, coming back to his wife and to his troubles at the same instant.

Give me the bliss of calling her mine, and I will follow your wishes in all that concerns us thereafter.