Conductivity [noun]

Definition of Conductivity:

generated power

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Sentence/Example of Conductivity:

The difference in conductivity between pure water and sulphuric acid is such a fact, mentioned by Clausius.

For the purpose of comparison the activity and the conductivity of molar hydrochloric acid are both represented by 100.

The conductivity of a solution, like that of a metal conductor, is the reciprocal of its resistance.

Thus, the current indicated by the ammeter is a closely approximate measure of the conductivity of the solution.

As a matter of experience, the conductivity of a given quantity of an acid or other ionogen does tend toward a limit.

The twisted strands of tough hemp might have been an electric cable of utmost conductivity if its powers were judged by results.

In conductivity this metal is only exceeded by copper, having many times that of iron.

The decision as to the choice of cover must, however, come from other considerations, as well as from that of non-conductivity.

The tonic condition of a tissue has an influence on conductivity.

He replaces his Riemann surface by a metallic surface whose electric conductivity varies according to certain laws.