Demurs [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Demurs:

Marie proposed that he take a walk with David, and Frederick consented without the slightest demur.

Gaston seemed to demur, but Félice overruled him imperiously.

It was arranged so, with only a little demur from Mrs. Millar, over-ruled by her husband.

She made no demur, but sat down to the piano and began to sing.

Sangiorgio had no time to demur or even to reply; he at once found himself beside the carriage.

Jesson, after some demur, consented to take the bill; and Bolland indorsed it with his own name.

She poured out a full glass, which the child drank without further demur.

She admitted him, therefore, without demur; and found he was a land surveyor, who had often been employed by Sir Hugh at Cleves.

To French readers this scene may seem a ghoulish farce: English humour accepts it from Norwegian humour without demur.

After this there was no further demur, and Katy soon stood with Helen at the door of Marian's room.