Denunciations [noun]

Definition of Denunciations:

condemnation, criticism

Synonyms of Denunciations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Denunciations:

Sentence/Example of Denunciations:

He cast his ballot at an early voting site and at a news conference afterward issued the first of multiple denunciations of any giant spending bill.

Louis stood immoveable, with his eyes on the ground, while Wharton vehemently uttered this denunciation.

A threatening denunciation was in his visage, as he advanced with his staff of office towards his prisoner.

But the central economic doctrine of cost can not be shaken by mere denunciation.

The like denunciation was busily repeated through the churches, especially of the north of England.

It goes no further than the denunciation of the peer, and the raising of a subscription (generally inadequate) for the sufferers.

The result of this denunciation was to make Fraisier sell his office and leave Mantes.

His whole life had been a protest against conventionality, and this impassioned denunciation came from a new world.

In December, 1824, he was discharged because of his opinions concerning the denunciation of Dutocq.

You know yourself if a man or men had killed Sir Herbert nothing could have influenced him to write a denunciation of women.