Dirigible [noun]

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His only regret seemed to be that he, too, could not have a dirigible balloon and a countess—on ten francs a week!

For in the matter of mines the Boodah had all the advantages of a shore, and as to dirigible torpedoes more than all.

Efficient air gun as a weapon; improvements in army tents; improvements in dirigible balloons and aeroplanes for military uses.

Dirigible balloons are divided into three classes: the rigid, the semi-rigid, and the non-rigid.

The aeroplane, more than the dirigible and balloon, stands as the emblem of the conquest of the air.

This great big dirigible, the first of its size to cross the Atlantic Ocean, was landing right before their eyes.

When the dirigible was sailing quietly along, a waiter came in and began setting the table.

"And I still feel sick from hanging with my head down so long when that old dirigible traveled upside down," declared Button.

While this was going on, the dirigible had quietly glided into its hangar and was quickly being tied up.

By this time the big dirigible was floundering in the stormclouds as a ship does in a heavy sea, only ten times more so.