Disfranchised [verb]

Definition of Disfranchised:

be unfit for; be ineligible

Synonyms of Disfranchised:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disfranchised:

Sentence/Example of Disfranchised:

We may at least grant that the burden of proof should be upon those who would disfranchise all red-haired men.

The House threatened to disfranchise it, and West Lynne under the fear, went into mourning for its sins.

It was estimated that the suffrage clause would disfranchise from voting or holding office 40,000 white men.

Skinner of Franklin wanted to disfranchise enough rebels to hold the balance of power.

Hence New York can get no power from that source to disfranchise one entire half of her members.

The proposal, therefore, to disfranchise any class of men is as criminal as the proposal to take away property.

Sin alone is that, Which doth disfranchise him, and make unlike To the chief good; for that its light in him Is darken'd.

The old Constitution did not disfranchise women, and we begged you not to put the word 'male' into the Fourteenth Amendment.

Pauperism and crime and sometimes religious heterodoxy disfranchise.

They wanted all the offices and were constantly importuning Congress to disfranchise in a body the Latter-day Saints.