Disqualifies [verb]

Definition of Disqualifies:

be unfit for; be ineligible

Synonyms of Disqualifies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disqualifies:

Sentence/Example of Disqualifies:

The fact that she chased two Muslim lawmakers through the Capitol in 2019, demanding they take their oath of office on a Bible rather than a Quran, didn’t disqualify her among voters in the district.

Here are four things we’ve learned …Only 83 of the 204 House Republicans who participated in the vote opposed the effort last week to effectively disqualify the presidential votes in Arizona.

Hong Kong’s government first disqualified a number of opposition figures and then delayed the election by a full year, citing the coronavirus.

Troupis, whose lawsuit did not present any cases of voter fraud, had instead argued that any votes cast under rules not agreed to by the state legislature were susceptible to potential fraud and should be disqualified.

The latter setback should be disqualifying even if Florida happens to pull off a surprise in Atlanta against Alabama, though the committee didn’t seem to get the memo about the Gators losing last weekend.

In 2019, Nigeria’s selection for the Best International Feature Film category at the Oscars, Lionheart, was disqualified mid-campaign because it was made predominantly in English.

Then, after the defensive end walked back to the sideline, Gracia issued two unsportsmanlike-conduct penalties, disqualifying Duron.

It also suggested establishing more robust recruiting practices to lure homegrown officers and revising the hiring process to ensure that it is equal, diverse and disqualifies officers with disciplinary histories at their previous jobs.

Six women emerged to claim the prize, two of whom were disqualified from the winner’s circle.

Propounding the Big Lie because they think it will carry them to victory should disqualify them from office.