Excluding [verb]

Definition of Excluding:

expel, forbid

Opposite/Antonyms of Excluding:

Sentence/Example of Excluding:

Clay (excluding that type used in the manufacture of pottery) ranks fifth in financial value.

This is gained by darkening the house, and excluding all persons, except when their presence is indispensable.

She sought to spare him pain by excluding from her manner all suggestion that things were other than she desired.

Therefore, Socialism, excluding competition inspired by self-interest would obliterate the social dividend.

He has been able to prevent the annual attacks by using cold baths and excluding meat, tea, coffee and alcohol from the diet.

Bennigsen had by that time about ninety thousand men, excluding the Prussians, who now numbered eighteen thousand.

Let the rest, excluding the cymatium, be divided into twelve parts.

In both Bills there was a safeguarding clause as well as an excluding clause.

The same remark would certainly apply to the early English writers, not excluding Shakespeare.

The chief point made was the political necessity of excluding slavery from the Territories.