Friends [noun]

Definition of Friends:

confidant, companion

Synonyms of Friends:

Opposite/Antonyms of Friends:

Sentence/Example of Friends:

The young man from far away had not, so far as he knew, either enemies or friends at Monte Carlo.

That evening in the gondola, with one old and two newer friends, is marked with a white stone in my recollection.

The Colonel and his two friends rode back towards the south, from whence they came.

Be ashamed of upbraiding speeches before friends: and after thou hast given, upbraid not.

Mlle. Mayer had been for some time in a depressed condition, and her friends had been anxious about her.

Yielding to the advice of his friends, he put on it a price the amount of which abashed him.

Terrified with this apparition, he consulted several friends, who advised him to take the advice.

The friends were standing close to the wall; but on these sounds they moved away; and a key presently turned in the door.

Liszt and his titled friends travelled in a first class carriage by themselves.

He owed the promoters of the old townsite of Dallas more than he was likely to pay very soon, but they still were his friends.