Nodded [verb]

Definition of Nodded:

gesture with head

Synonyms of Nodded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nodded:

Sentence/Example of Nodded:

Miss Milbrey nodded encouragement, seeming to chuckle inwardly.

Anger contracted the face of Henry Allister; he nodded gravely.

"Yes," said George, and he nodded; but his face was red as crimson.

"Oh, I'm wise—I'm wise," Aggie nodded, as she hurried out toward her bedroom.

And then, as the other nodded in assent, she spoke with a compelling kindliness.

Now, in reply to his father's words, he only nodded a quiet assent.

He held it in his left hand, and nodded and smiled at it from time to time.

All the Indians in the group that had gathered about the Mastodon, nodded at this.

The constable, who knew both the farmer and his wife, nodded familiarly to them.

Again Kitty nodded, after looking up at him in alarm when he spoke of the warrant.