Opportunities [noun]

Definition of Opportunities:

lucky chance; favorable circumstances

Synonyms of Opportunities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Opportunities:

Sentence/Example of Opportunities:

It wrung the hearts of all who had opportunities of personally observing it.

I wanted, rather, to explain to you that her opportunities had been limited.

But he certainly had opportunities for seeing operas nearer home.

Equally rich are the opportunities in other forms of engineering.

He has opportunities of making every thing light to him of that sort.

The next consideration, however, was the means and opportunities for revenge.

I have wanted very much to say this to you; I have tried for opportunities.

We must tell papa about it either to-night or to-morrow, according to the opportunities.

You will both have opportunities to see much of the officers of the Submarine Service.

And who knows what opportunities a man in love may have against himself?