Parted [verb]

Definition of Parted:

break, disconnect

Synonyms of Parted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Parted:

Sentence/Example of Parted:

At the head of the stairs they parted, Milbrey joining the lady who had waited for him.

A light not of this world is gleaming there; and it has grown brighter and clearer since we parted.

The virtuous Melissa parted from them with many blessings and tears.

Her full lips were parted before him, but he did not kiss them.

I would have parted with my life willingly, gladly, to serve you.

He who is parted from God has no original nothingness with which to take refuge.

The lady sat with parted lips, and her breath came quick and fast.

The group around the bed had parted to admit Mrs. Rosenfeld, and closed again.

He held my hands when we parted and looked into my eyes, and I saw that his own were shining.

At the house they parted and headed the fugitive toward the stables.