Pioneering [verb]

Definition of Pioneering:

invent; lay the groundwork

Synonyms of Pioneering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pioneering:

Sentence/Example of Pioneering:

But none of them ranked as a pioneering achievement in the world at large.

But this will be a pioneering expedition to open the way, at least, for the painter.

And pioneering brings out his most characteristic qualities.

His pioneering is watched with interest abroad as well as here.

In your own community how many years past are the days of pioneering?

Here, now, a kind of pioneering behind the lines was going on.

This volume is, in part, a record of their adventures and pioneering efforts.

The early part of the Middle Ages had been an era of pioneering and of settlement.

There had been, however, a measure of pioneering in several of these directions.

If we try to live in this excuse for a house, we shall be pioneering with a vengeance.