Undertakings [noun]

Definition of Undertakings:

endeavor, attempt

Synonyms of Undertakings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undertakings:

Sentence/Example of Undertakings:

It was not difficult to find a lawyer suited to the necessities of the undertaking.

In this undertaking he manifests a preternatural astuteness.

But Sir James Erskine looked only at the difficulties of the undertaking.

A change to the country could not but be helpful in such an undertaking.

Thus approaching her, it is impossible that success should not follow my undertaking.

The solemnity of the scene accorded with the importance of his undertaking.

He had ended by undertaking her education: he taught her to dance and to talk patois.

And he ended by undertaking to deliver the town-hall over to them in ten minutes.

Honorable Minister, your visit has given impulse to this undertaking.

I alone, who was present and witnessed the undertaking, know what it cost him and what he suffered.