Zestfully [adverb]

Definition of Zestfully:


Opposite/Antonyms of Zestfully:

Sentence/Example of Zestfully:

"Here's some Talents, Incorporated information," he said zestfully.

She was sure she could never learn so rapidly and zestfully again.

Murgatroyd zestfully licked his empty cup to get the last least drop of coffee.

Coburn zestfully let himself be thrown out, while Dillon roared and tried to get at him through the flying wedge of waiters.

They cut across the yacht's bow and zestfully played around her two or three times, then went on, toward a faraway horizon.

This was a spiral stair, and he zestfully spun around it as he went to the next deck below.

Jamison declaimed, wearing a throat-mike as Bell zestfully panned his camera and the ship swung down.

Here was a man who could talk of the Song of Roland as zestfully as though it had just been reported from the telegraph office.

Mathematicians zestfully contrive problems to stump each other.

Murgatroyd zestfully licked his emptied tiny mug, to get the last least taste of the beverage.