Emphasize [verb]

Definition of Emphasize:

stress, give priority to

Opposite/Antonyms of Emphasize:

Sentence/Example of Emphasize:

The pharmaceutical industry and public health officials must emphasize safety first.

“We are not claiming we found life on Venus,” Seager emphasizes.

InMarket also emphasizes third party validation of its audience targeting and attribution methodology, as well as location-data accuracy.

This book emphasizes that nothing is fixed—not intelligence, not capacity, not skill set.

You emphasize how easy it is for anyone to be taken in throughout the series.

This emphasizes the importance of having your site rank organically as users are far more likely to visit your site via an organic link.

Gowrappan emphasizes the importance of creating opportunities for employees to pause and reflect.

While August will presumably close out strong, analysts emphasize that markets have largely been buoyed by the expectation of continued stimulus from Congress and the Fed to boost the recovery out of the recession brought on by the pandemic.

Later, when she gets married, she starts to wear more structured clothing—dressing with a little more color and sparkle in scenes taking place during her first week of marriage to emphasize her changed status.

I have wanted him to do it absolutely on his own, and I could not emphasize this better than by coming right away to Mudros.