Comparative [adjective]

Definition of Comparative:

approximate, close to

Opposite/Antonyms of Comparative:

Sentence/Example of Comparative:

It is impossible to form a just estimate of the Bible without some knowledge of ancient history and comparative mythology.

The doctor, informed of her comparative happiness, again shrugged his shoulders.

To many causes may the comparative smallness of success that has attended these be attributed.

"Madame tells me that he is dead," said she, and Garnache was shocked at the comparative calmness with which she said it.

At Sorbonne a chair of comparative legislation was created for him.

As to the comparative satisfaction derived from the two methods of touring, no comment whatever is needed.

There has been considerable difference of opinion as regards the comparative efficiency of chain drive and belt drive.

This fact shows its effect in the comparative mental development of man and the lower animals.

He came boldly enough with the light behind him into the comparative darkness of the bedroom.

Jim knew of a cabin where he promised them they could spend the night in comparative dryness and warmth.