Deceives [verb]

Definition of Deceives:

mislead; be dishonest

Synonyms of Deceives:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deceives:

Sentence/Example of Deceives:

Do you think, lowering her voice and speaking more slowly, that He ever deceives any body?

There he is again, and the whole pack give tongue and dash off to the call which never deceives them.

Art has once for all, like the works of Homer, been written in Greek, and he deceives himself who believes that it is German.

But I do not wonder that he deceives you, dear, since he has deceived the world for so long.

How should I be friend to one who deceives me by fair words, and who would have Douglas deal with me with his poniard?

For sin weakens the sense of individual guilt, and thus deceives men by hardening their hearts.

In spite of their dark pessimism, the actors in these little dramas have an appearance of gaiety which deceives.

He may sometimes a very little disgust you, but you will seldom have just cause to complain that he disappoints and deceives.

The villanous world is turned mangy; one jade deceives another, and your ostler plays his part commonly for the fourth share.

This too often deceives the inexperienced man even when hunting with a dog.