Deciphers [verb]

Definition of Deciphers:

figure out, understand

Synonyms of Deciphers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deciphers:

Sentence/Example of Deciphers:

Q’s posts contain clues, and adherents are told to decipher the messages and do independent research to uncover the secrets.

Reading a scientific paper can sometimes feel like deciphering a wall of code.

Now, scientists are figuring out how, thanks to the first-ever deciphering, or sequencing, of the tuatara’s genetic instruction book.

Like hand-drawn maps from early explorers sailing to the western hemisphere, these maps provide the brain’s geographical patterns from which we try to decipher functional connections.

Link receivers and providers can easily decipher sponsored links from “untrustworthy” nofollow links.

Everyone agrees on one thing — deciphering what makes human language special still presents a major scientific challenge.

It’s similar to identifying a magician, Hessels said, and then trying to decipher the secrets behind their trick.

Although these datasets are valuable, the raw data are also massive in size, difficult and time-consuming to manually decipher.

The Greek character will now become easy to decipher; and the evening papers may take King Otho both off the throne and on.

She longed to penetrate below the surface and decipher the strange palimpsest of human life.