Discerns [verb]

Definition of Discerns:

catch sight of; recognize and understand

Opposite/Antonyms of Discerns:

Sentence/Example of Discerns:

This son of an artist-painter father and occupational therapist mother initially wanted to be a chef, thanks to his discerning palate.

Choosing a mix from a single brand may allow you to discern differences more consistently than randomly selecting styles from a variety of brands.

It is not with some discerning eye on my part that I wound up on a show that still somehow manages to be culturally relevant 20 years later.

Designed as fun teaching tools, they’re meant to help both budding news consumers and veteran news junkies learn how to discern factually sound, vetted reporting from malicious misinformation.

This allows them to smell with higher sensitivity, while being able to minutely discern what they’re smelling—blood or Deet.

Swanson and his colleagues were able to discern several structures that were similar to those of present-day assassin bugs.

Whether passed on from parent to child, master to apprentice, instructor to student, shared knowledge and traditions made it easier to discern beneficial uses of these technologies from ruinous ones.

Paul Nathanson, a spokesman for Britax, said that “this test was not conducted by Britax and we are unable to discern from where it originated.”

Neither the Hubble Space Telescope nor the Very Large Telescope in Chile discerned any dust or rocks coming off the asteroid.

They might as well use a Magic 8 ball to discern the mysteries of the 2020 election.