Discrepancies [noun]

Definition of Discrepancies:

conflict, disagreement

Synonyms of Discrepancies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Discrepancies:

Sentence/Example of Discrepancies:

Neglecting minor discrepancies, one may safely accept Mr Bain's reconciliation of the various accounts.

I was filled simultaneously with a feeling of disgust and fear, and looked for further discrepancies.

The discrepancies of the husband and wife's character, which became soon apparent, made themselves gradually more and more felt.

These discrepancies may be understood when the order in which the various beliefs developed is recognized.

These differences are not discrepancies at all; but there remains one which may fairly enough be so characterised.

There were puzzling discrepancies in Mrs. Vansittart's explanation of her untimely appearance.

These discrepancies were probably between Rousseau's preserved copy, and the letter sent.

This may well account for the geographical discrepancies referred to by Sir Edward Strachey.

Even around our own coasts the discrepancies are such as to utterly discredit the theory as offering any practical guide.

These discrepancies between the tides at different places are chiefly due to the local formations of the coasts and the sea-beds.