Dogeared [adjective]

Definition of Dogeared:

shabby, in bad shape

Opposite/Antonyms of Dogeared:










Sentence/Example of Dogeared:

A little boy of four was moved to passionate grief at the sight of a dead dog taken from a pond.

A was an Archer, who shot at a frog; B was a Butcher, and had a great dog.

The dog stood with hanging head and tail, as if ashamed he had let so many of his enemies get away unharmed.

These words were uttered in a guarded whisper by a boy about seventeen years of age, to a great dog that stood by his side.

At the word of command, the dog crouched down, his whole body quivering with excitement.

I thought this young man was going to read us some of his poetry; it's too tiresome of him to stop to tell us about his bull-dog.

You know the fable about the dog who dropped his meat in the water, trying to snap at its reflection?

And I, for one, absolutely decline to believe in this preposterous story of his about a bull-dog.

When Squinty thought this he stopped and looked carefully around for any signs of a barking dog.

He heard Mohammedans alluding to a Brahmin as a leader—so might a wolf and a snake make common alliance against a watch dog.