Flossy [adjective]

Definition of Flossy:

soft, furry

Synonyms of Flossy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flossy:

Sentence/Example of Flossy:

Brush the flossy or bright side with a clean clothes-brush, the way of the nap.

The forms of other actorinesI put away into the shade; All of them flossy near-blondinesFind and shall find me unafraid.

"I am spoiled for young men, General," said Flossy, extending her hand very graciously to her white-haired husband.

The fact is, Flossy, I haven't wanted to look into this thing very closely, because I do not see the remedy.

Gracie spoke the words very gently, wondering meanwhile at the way in which this thought chimed in with hers about Flossy.

But they were not afraid of Flossy last week, even surrounded by the elegances of her parlors and dining-room.

Or was he so much in love with Flossy that he could not bear to thwart even her wildest flights?

Especially was this the case when she heard her old acquaintance, Flossy, pour out her soul's longings.

Peter and Flossy had been rather troublesome children before the arrival of the baby.

Flossy was an attractive little child, her hair was really beautiful, and she had a very wistful and taking manner.