Gravest [adjective]

Definition of Gravest:

serious; gloomy

Synonyms of Gravest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gravest:

Sentence/Example of Gravest:

"Yes, as there seems no possibility of making any more mistakes on our way, you are free," replied the gravest of the two.

Just at this moment despatches of the gravest importance arrived from Guelders at Whitehall.

In the early days of the war the work of the secret service at the Front was of the gravest importance.

And they formed groups, of which some chatted, and were elegant, and some spoke the gravest words uttered for centuries.

The gravest difference of opinion had to do with the Communion.

You must watch over it carefully, but the husband's mission is by far the gravest; he becomes the guide and father of his wife.

The later alien influx has rushed us into the thick of urban problems, and these are gravest where Americans are fewest.

Late last night she was still in the same condition, and the gravest anxiety is felt by her relatives.

The central government itself gave the gravest grounds for fear and suspicion.

The title of a poet in those days did not abate, but heighten, the character of the gravest senator.