Grey [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Grey:

And, they said, it’s unclear whether an ad subject to an “intervention” — but rendered as a grey box on the page — would still count as an impression on Google Ad Manager.

In place of the filtered ad will be a grey square, with the label “ad removed.”

What should be happening and what is actually working are two different things that have created somewhat of a loophole and a grey area for SEO.

“There are significant grey areas that are open to interpretation and require clarification from Apple,” said Matt Barash, svp of strategy and business development at mobile advertising company AdColony.

Grey also noted that parents have inquired about adding their kids to a district learning-only model and she plans to share the process for anyone interested when the district communicates the final reopening plan at the end of the month.

Why not have sought out the pure white lime-rocks of the flat country, or the grey granite of the hills?

The handkerchief glimmered on the counter, more white than anything else in that grey dusk.

The Spanish men-of-war, which were always painted white, had their colour changed to dark grey like the American ships.

It seemed; it truly seemed as if the tide of blue, grey, scarlet specks was submerging the enemy's strongholds.

She turned her gaze away from the mirror, and saw Sarah's grey head inadvertently nodding, as it always nodded.